List of Speakers

See below for a full list of speakers at the 2016 National Conference on Drinking Water

Ms. Caroline Robert

Acting Director, Drinking Water and Groundwater MDDELCC

Caroline Robert holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences and she works for Québec’s Ministry of Sustainable development, Environment and Fight against climate change since 2001.

Within the ministry, she has contributed to various tools supporting implementation of the regulation on drinking water, and also developed the expertise on microbiological parameters. She also coordinated the preparation of various scientific reports.

Since 2013, she is in charge of the drinking water division. She is a member of the Federal-provincial-territorial committee on drinking water since 2005.


Mr. Michael Schock

Chemist, Water Supply and Water Resources Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Mr. Schock is a Chemist with the Water Supply and Water Resources Division, within the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development.

Mr. Schock has spent 31 years with the drinking water research program of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Schock has conducted in-house and field research into drinking water treatment emphasizing corrosion control in domestic plumbing and municipal distribution systems, chemical equilibrium calculations, water sampling for inorganics, and distribution system and corrosion solids analysis,.

Mr. Schock has provided technical consultation to USEPA Offices, State agencies, international collaborators (including Health Canada and some Provinces), standards organizations, engineering consultants, and directly to water systems. Mr. Schock has authored more than 70 scientific journal articles, book chapters and research reports on drinking water and water chemistry-related subjects.

Mr. Schock was the 2011 recipient of the AWWA A.P. Black lifetime achievement award.


Dr. Michèle Prévost

B.Sc., M.Sc.A., Ph.D. Professor, Civil, Geological & Mining Engineering

Dr.  Prevost  has  more  than  25  years  of  experience  in  research  and  technology  in  the areas  of  drinking  water  treatment  and  distribution.  She  holds  an  Industrial  Chair  on Drinking  Water  of  the  Natural  Sciences  and  Engineering  Council  of  Canada  (NSERC)  at the  Department  of  Civil  Engineering  of  Polytechnique  Montreal  and  founded  the CREDEAU  laboratory,  a  unique  water  technology  platform.  Dr.  Prévost  has  completed applied  R&D  on  source  protection,  water  treatment  and  various  aspects  of distribution  systems  (biostability,  pathogen  regrowth,  integrity  &  intrusion, Legionella  control,  hydraulic  and  quality  modeling).

Professor  Michèle  Prévost  holds  an  Industrial  Chair  on  Drinking  Water  of  the  National Science  and  Engineering  Council  of  Canada  since  1992  and  was  a  member  of  the technical  advisory  of  the  Walkerton  Commission.  She  led  the  multi  university Canadian  Water  Network  initiative  on  lead  in  drinking  water.   She  has  published  on lead  sampling,  lead  corrosion  treatment,  and  the  impact  of  environmental  sources  of lead  on  blood  lead  levels.

In  2016,  she  was  involved  in  the  International  Lead  and  Copper  Rule  revision consultation  team  for  the  OfUice  of  Research  and  Development  of  the  US  EPA.  With extensive  industrial  experience  in  consulting  and  technology  development  with manufacturers,  Dr.  Prevost  has  also  been  active  in  numerous  technical  advisory committees  to  utilities  and  international  organizations.

She  is  the  2016  recipient  of  the  A.  P.  BLACK  award  of  the  American  Water  Works Association  (AWWA)  for  outstanding  research  contributions  to  water  science  and water  supply  rendered  over  an  appreciable  period  of  time.