Environmental Hydrology Lab

The Environmental Hydrology Lab is located in Rm N321 and is comprised of state-of-art- instrumentation for monitoring hydrologic processes and contaminant transport within surface and groundwater systems. 

Field Instrumentation

The Environmental Hydrology lab has a variety of field instruments including several types of current meters, climate monitoring stations, automated water samplers, unattended water quality sensors, water level loggers, and soil and sediment samplers.  Key pieces of equipment include:

  • Sonteck Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter
  • Both Pygmy and Price Type Current Meters
  • 4 HOBO Weather Stations
  • HOBO Water Levels Loggers
  • 8 ISCO Autosamplers
  • 4 Dipper T Water Level Sensors
  • 6 YSI Multiparameter Sondes with sensors for temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, and rhodamine
  • 2 Handheld YSI sondes with sensors for temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity
  • Real-Time Kinematic GPS system

Laboratory Analysis

Examples of specialized environmental analysis that can be conducted in the lab include molecular detection and quantification of indicator microorganisms and pathogens, particle size analysis of aqueous samples, and water chemistry analysis using ion-chromatography. Key pieces of equipment include:
• Biorad QPCR System
• DIONEX Ion-Chromatography System
• LISST Particle Sizer
• Micro-centrifuge
• Digital Water and Several Incubators