On-Site Wastewater Research Facility

The On-site Wastewater Research Facility is located in the Agritech Park in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.  This research facility was established in 2004 in partnership with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and the Agritech Park.  Infrastructure has been established to allow for long-term controlled field studies of on-site wastewater systems under field conditions. Since 2004 several different types of on-site wastewater treatment systems have been installed and tested at the facility.  Research activities have focused on evaluating the long-term performance of passive wastewater treatment systems, and developing and testing models for predicting hydraulics and treatment kinetics within on-site systems. On-site wastewater systems currently being studied at the facility include:

  • 8 lateral flow sand filters with a variety of different slopes and sand types
  • 2 contour trench systems
  • 4 peat filters
  • 2 surface flow constructed wetland systems