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Dr. Gagnon appointed as one of nine expert panelists in Hydraulic Fracturing Panel

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Graham Gagnon

Dr. Gagnon appointed as one of nine expert panelists in Hydraulic Fracturing Panel

Panellists were selected from a highly qualified group of over 70 nominees and collectively represent the skill-sets that were identified in the original brief and expanded with feedback from stakeholders.

The nine panellists are listed below1:

  • Dr. Shawn Dalton – Principal & Senior Consultant, Thrive Consulting, Fredericton NB

  • Dr. Graham Gagnon - Director, Centre for Water Resource Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

  • Mr. Kevin Christmas – Special Contract Services, Membertou Band Council, Dartmouth NS

  • Dr. Ian Mauro – Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Winnipeg, MB

  • Dr. Frank Atherton2 - Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health & Wellness,

    Halifax NS

  • Mr. Ray Ritcey - President, Lighthouse Energy Inc., Halifax NS

  • Dr. Michael Bradfield - Professor, Retired, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

  • Dr. Brad Hayes - President, Petrel Robertson Consulting, Calgary AB

  • Dr. Maurice Dusseault - Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Services, University of Waterloo, ON

    It is possible that further advisors may also be brought in for special sessions where extra expertise would be helpful to the work of the Panel. These short term appointments will be announced as necessary.

    Cape Breton University is also pleased to announce that following discussions with Mr. Christmas and others, the Department of Energy has agreed to support an additional process of outreach and dialogue with Aboriginal Chiefs and communities in tandem with the Review. This will allow Mr. Christmas to ably fulfil his duties on the Expert Panel and reflect the full diversity of Aboriginal wisdom and knowledge available on the topics to be considered. Mr. Christmas will also have access to an independent technical advisor. This aspect of the Review will be overseen by the Unama’ki College of Cape Breton University which is well known for integrating Aboriginal and western scientific knowledge through the concept of ‘two eyed seeing.’

    1A short bio of each panellist will be made available at:

2 Dr Atherton will be participating with the agreement of the Minister, Department of Health and Wellness, but as with all Expert Panellists in a completely independent manner, consistent with medical and professional ethics. A letter from the Deputy Minister, Department of Health and Wellness ,covering this matter will be posted at 


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