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Summer Defence Line Up!

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Graham Gagnon

Summer Defence Line Up!

This summer we'll be saying farewell to four newly-minted Master's students! We wish them luck in their next chapter! 

Heather Granger - Factors to remove manganese from a surface water source using bench-scale biofiltration (defended!)

Amy McClintock - Role of phosphate and pH on lead release due to galvanic corrosion in simulated premise plumbing (defended!)

Emily Zevenhuisen - Bench-scale lab testing of in-line coagulation to reduce NF membrane fouling (defended!)

Kiley Daley - A qualitative case study of relationships between drinking water, wastewater, and public health in Coral Harbour, Nunavut (denfended!) 

John Bergese - Synergistic use of UV technology for wastewater treatment (August 13th defence!)

Jenny Hayward - (upcoming defence!)

But wait, there's more! 

Tristan Goulden (PhD defence - upcoming)