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Undergrad Coop Opportunity

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Rob Jamieson

Undergrad Coop Opportunity

Term:  Sept - December 2012

Job Description:

The research assistant (or coop student) will help in the laboratory processing sediment samples collected in the Canadian Arctic as part of the Nunavut Wastewater Treatment Program. Samples were collected to determine the impact of treated wastewater run-off on benthic communities in marine and lake sediments. The student will help process samples for sediment grain size, porosity, organic content, sediment pigment, and identify and enumerate benthic organisms such as worms, snails, and clams. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about environmental impact assessments, gain skills in methodologies used to study soft-sediment communities, and become familiar with Arctic benthic ecosystems.

Job Requirements:

Experience and willingness to work in the laboratory and at a microscope. Preference will be given to students who have taken Invertebrate Biology, Benthic Ecology, and/or Marine Ecology. 

Contact Kira Krumhansl for application details.