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Researcher Spotlight

Carolina was first introduced to our research team as a visiting Mitacs student while completing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering in Mexico. During the last year of her degree, she received the Mitacs Globallink Scholarship which brings undergraduate students to work for three months in a Canadian research lab. In the summer of 2015, she started her internship in the water quality lab, under the supervision of Dr. Gagnon. Carolina enjoyed her time in the water quality lab so much that she came back to Dalhousie University to complete her Master’s degree. Her research focused on UV LED technology for water disinfection, working with AquiSense Technologies. After her graduation, Carolina was hired as a full-time research assistant in the microbiology lab. 

One of Carolina’s most rewarding moments while working in the water quality lab was having the opportunity to travel to a remote Arctic community to work on a microbiological and chemical drinking water quality research project. In 2020, Carolina helped lead a research project focused on using UV light for the disinfection and reuse of N95 respirators amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The most rewarding aspect of working in the lab is always being able to be part of variety of projects”.

“Because of the diverse disciplinary backgrounds in the CWRS lab, you are exposed to many multidisciplinary collaborations, which is a great learning experience”. - Carolina Ontiveros

We are excited to spotlight Carolina in this issues newsletter and look forward to her outstanding work supporting Dr. Stoddart on the wastewater research team.  


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