Shannon Sterling - Faculty


Dr. Sterling’s hydrology career began in British Columbia in the 1990s assessing the impacts of deforestation on watersheds after finishing her undergraduate degree (McGill) and Master (UBC), She became interested in global hydrology at Duke University for her Ph.D. studies, followed by post-doctoral work in France. Two children and one teaching stint at the University of Toronto later, she is now an Associate Professor in Earth Sciences at Dalhousie University.

HQP List-Summer 2019

Name Program Contact
Lobke Rotteveel MASc student
Caitlin McCavour MSc. Student



ERTH/ENVS 3601 Global Biogeochemical Cycles

ERTH/ENVS 3701 Fundamentals of Hydrology

Honours Thesis Courses

Research Interests

Effects of human impact on watersheds and rivers.