Tony Walker - Faculty

Dr. Walker's research efforts cover a wide range of biophysical sciences related to resource and environmental management and closely reflect Dalhousie’s priority research areas in oceans, energy and the environment including: monitoring human impacts on the natural world; remediation of contaminated sites; policies to mitigate plastic marine pollution; ecological risk assessment (ERA); environmental effects monitoring (EEM); environmental impact assessment (EIA); management of natural resources; air pollution impacts on ecosystems. Most of his recent research has been in partnership with industry related to environmental management and monitoring across Canada.




Environmental effects monitoring 

Ecological risk assessment

Freshwater and marine systems

Marine pollution

Health and environmental justice

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Industrial sustainability



·      BSc, University of Portsmouth, UK

·      MPhil, University of Essex, UK

·      PhD, University of Nottingham, UK

·      PDF, Dalhousie University




ENVI 5505: Biophysical Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management;

ENVI 5035: Research Design and Methods;

MGMT 2702: Introduction to Resource and Environmental Management II;

ENVI 5501:  MREM Internship

ENVI 5508:  Project Report in Resource and Environmental Management

ENVI 5050: Special topics course - Pollution Abatement: Monitoring, Mitigation and Management



Registered Environmental Professional (ECO-Canada) , 2014-

Review editor for Frontiers in Marine Science for the topics Marine Pollution and Marine Biogeochemistry (2014-present)

Editorial board Polish Polar Research (2005-present)     

Ad-hoc Reviewer for 19 Scientific Journals including: Journal of Environmental Management, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Environmental Science and Technology, Science of the Total Environment, Environmental Pollution and Ecological Indicators    

Reviewer for the New Eurasia Foundation (2011 - present) and the National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation, Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Kazakhstan (2011- present)


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