Welcome to Water Studies at Dalhousie University - your research partner in addressing unique water challenges and opportunities.

The Centre for Water Resources Studies was established in 1981 by the Faculty of Engineering to address water issues facing Atlantic Canada through applied research.  Continuing this tradition, the objective of the centre is to pool the research resources of Dalhousie University to address real challenges faced by the water community and provide a platform for the development and appropriate application of water technology; water quality analysis and advancement; and outreach through knowledge transfer to our stakeholders. 

The Centre has provided technical support to many government agencies, municipalities and private sector end-users in the water sector. The Centre has delivered value to its partners through technical research projects, analytical laboratory support and training workshops. See our highlighted research projects organized by theme: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Watersheds and Geo-Environmental. 

The current Water Studies team engages faculty members from across Dalhousie University and retains a core staff of personnel (e.g., Research Engineers, Analytical Chemists, Field Research Technicians) that enables professional project deployment and management.  We are always recruiting motivated Masters and PhD students.  Please contact us for more information.