Graduate School with Water Studies


Date Added: Aug 21st 2012, 10:23

Water Studies is always looking for motivated Masters and PhD level students to join our team.   Check out our research pages to get an idea of some of the research areas we focus on and contact us for more information!

Join the STEWARD team


Date Added: Jul 31st 2012, 12:43


STEWARD provides full stipends for highly motivated Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students. Students must have an A- average to apply (>3.6 out of 4.3 or 3.4 out of 4.0).

Application deadlines are three times per year:  May 15th, Sept 15th and Jan 30th. Interested students are encouraged to contact a STEWARD researcher to develop a research outline. The research outline, transcripts and letters of reference are application requirements. Application forms can be downloaded form the links below.

For more information on the program or application process, please contact