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Graham Gagnon


Good Luck to Michael Brophy, Sean MacIsaac, Holly Sampson, Daniel Wesley, and CWRS Director Dr. Graham Gagnon all presenting  at the ACWWA conference taking place in Halifax!

Michael is a Co-op student, presenting: Characterization of Natural Organic Matter to Distinguish the Impact of Municipal Wastewater Effluent in a Source Water

Sean is a MASc student, presenting: Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes for Controlling Natural Organic Matter in Drinking Water

Holly is a MASc student, presenting: Optimization of Residuals Management at a Water Treatment Plant

Daniel is a MASc student, presenting: Investigating biological filtration for the effective removal of manganese in water treatment

Dr. Gagnon will present the following:
1 - Why Study Water? Challenges & Opportunities Facing Water Professionals
2 - Establishing minimum free-chlorine residual concentration for microbial control in a municipal drinking water distribution system


Click here for a look at the ACWWA Schedule of Presentations and Events!

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