Kaycie Lane - Student


Name: Kaycie Lane

Hometown: Queensbury, NY, USA

Degrees held: B.Sc. Engineering Physics

Thesis title: Water Safety Plans (working title)

Research interests: In my undergraduate work, I minored in humanitarian engineering, a program designed to teach engineers how to make their projects sustainable and applicable to real global issues.  I hope to use my knowledge of sustainable community development and water treatment processes to develop systems and processes that can be used in the extreme locales of the global, from the arctic to the desert.  In addition, I am interested in making our water treatment processes less chemically intensive and to help develop technologies that are environmentally sound and use materials that are sustainable and renewable. 

About Me:  American traveler extraordinaire, fitness junkie, outdoorswoman, Zumba Instructor and occasional crafty knitter. 

List of publications: Coming soon!