Licai Hu - Student


Name: Licai Hu


Supervisor: Dr. Gagnon


Hometown: Guangzhou, China


Degrees held: BEng (Environmental)


Thesis title: Not decided yet


Research interests: My research interests focus on characterization of neutral organic matter (NOM) in the source water. Characterization of NOM helps to remove NOM during the treatment which can prevent the forming of disinfectant by-product.


About Me: I’m from southern China, and I have been to Canada for five years. So I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. I had my diploma at Acadia University then I transferred to Dalhousie University to finish my B.Eng of Environmental degree. I continue to the graduate study right after I’ve finish my B.Eng. I have a short term experience to work at two wastewater treatment plants at Guangzhou, China.