Wendy Krkosek (Maternity Leave - Dec. 2017) - Staff

I received a BASc in Environmental Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and a PhD in Civil Engineering at Dalhousie University.  My research focused on the treatment of emerging trace contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, in wastewater streams.  I have 7 years of environmental consulting experience both in California and in Canada, and I play an active role as a young professional within The Canadian Water Network. 

I have been a Research Engineer at Water Studies since 2008.  As a Research Engineer, my main roles are managing undergraduate and graduate students, proposal writing and managing programs and contracts.  I am the program coordinator for STEWARD, an NSERC CREATE program to train graduate students in the area of buried water infrastructure, and is also the program manager for the Wastewater Treatment Research Contract with the Nunavut Government (link to project).  Additionally, I have been the project manager for water and wastewater policy research contracts with organizations such as the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs, Nova Scotia Environment and the World Health Organization. 

Originally from Ontario, I transplanted myself to Halifax in 2004, and hope one day to be considered a maritimer!  In my spare time you’ll either find me outside doing something active, in the garden with dirt under my fingernails, whipping up my next feast in the kitchen, or planning the next home reno project.  I love to travel and through my work with Water Studies have had the opportunity to visit some of Canada’s most beautiful and remote places. 

Teaching and TA experience:

  • Second Year Engineering Design - Course Instructor (2014)
  • Water Quality – Course instructor (2010), Lab Instructor and TA (2005-2009)
  • Hydrology - TA (2004)
  • Soil Mechanics – TA (2007-2008)
  • Geomatics – TA (2005-2006)

Published and submitted peer reviewed publications:

Krkošek, W.H., Payne, S.J., Gagnon, G.A.. (2013) Removal of acidic pharmaceuticals within a nitrifying recirculating biofilter.  Submitted to:  Journal of Hazardous Materials, October 2013

Krkošek, W.K., Peldszus, S., Huck P.M., Gagnon G.A. (2013) Chlorination Kinetics of Gemfibrozil Degradation and Reaction Product Formation. Water Environment Research, In Press.

Krkošek, W.H., Koziar, S.A., White, R., Gagnon, G.A. (2011) Identification of Reaction Products from reactions of free chlorine with the lipid-regulator gemfibrozill, Water Research 45(3):1414-1422. 

Conference Proceedings

Krkošek, W.H., Ragush, C., Boutilier, L., Sinclair, A., Krumhansl, K., Gagnon, G.A., Jamieson, R.C. (2012)  Treatment performance of Wastewater Stabilization Ponds in Canada’s Far North.  15th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, Quebec.  (Presentation)

Jamieson, R.C., Lam, B., Hayward, J., Krkošek, W.H., Daly, K., (2011)  Nunavut Wastewater Research – A Study of Coral Harbour.  Northern Territories Water and Wastewater Association, Iqaluit, NU (Presentation).

Gagnon, G.A., McIlwain, B., Filion, Y., Oldford, A., Krkošek, W.H., (2011) Systems Traning and Education in Water Assets Research and Development.  Canadian Water Network Conference:  Connecting Wate Resources, Ottawa ON (Poster).

Hayward, J.L., Krkošek, W.H., Boutilier, L., Daly, K., Lam, B., Jamieson, R., Gagnon, G.A., (2011)  Development of Northern Municipal Wastewater Effluent Discharge Quality Objectives in the Context of Canadian Regulatory Framework. Canadian Water Network Conference:  Connecting Wate Resources, Ottawa ON (Poster).

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Krkošek, W.H., Patterson, A.L., Zevenhuizen, E.L., Yliruusi, H., Gagnon, G.A., (2009)  Removal of Selected Pharmaceuticals within a Bench Scale Recirculting Biofilter.  IWA Biofilm Conference, Davis, CA.  (Poster)

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Krkošek, W.H., Peldszus, S., Huck, P.M., Gagnon, G.A., (2007)  Effects of Selected PhACs and Their Chlorinated Byproducts on Bacterial Communities in Receiving Water.  CAWQ Central Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research.  February 12, 2007. (Presentation)

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Krkošek, W.H., Koziar, S.A., Gagnon, G.A. (2006)  Identification of Chlorinated Pharmaceuticals and their Effects on Bacterial Populations.  National Conference, Canadian Water and Wastewater Association. (Poster)

Technical Reports

W.H. Krkošek and Gagnon, G.A., (2012)  Water and Wastewater Regulatory Benchmarks for First Nations Communities in Atlantic Canada.  Submitted to Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs.

Gagnon, G.A., W.H. Krkošek, M. Follett and M. Woszcynski. (2011)  Characterization of water sources in Nova Scotia to establish drinking water treatment requirements.  Submitted to Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

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