Danielle Finlayson-Bourque - Student

Name: Danielle Finlayson-Bourque

Supervisor: Dr. Jamieson

Hometown: Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Degrees held: BSc (Hons) in Earth Science, Dalhousie University

Thesis title: Phosphorus Retention in On-site Septic Systems within Nova Scotia

Research Interests:  My research interests focus on groundwater quality issues and treatment of wastewater within disposal fields. My master’s research involves a comprehensive assessment of phosphorus retention and transport in the soil materials of common septic system designs used in Nova Scotia. By investigating the mechanisms of phosphorus retention in typical disposal fields we can better understand the capacity of these systems to effectively treat wastewater.

About me:

Following the completion of my BSc (Hons) from Dalhousie, I decided to take a break from my education and get some work experience. For the past 4.5 years I have worked as an environmental consultant at two different companies followed by a term position with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources in the Groundwater Resources Program and a term position with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy in the Petroleum Division. My work experience further defined my passion for water resources and motivated my decision to return to university to further my education in the field of hydrogeology.

List of publications:

Kennedy, G W, Finlayson-Bourque, D S. (2011) Groundwater Chemistry  from Bedrock Aquifers in Nova Scotia [1:500 000] Map Series, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Open File Map ME 2011-015 - Open File Map ME 2011-031, 2011, 0 page(s), 17 map(s). ISN: 22729 - 22745

Finlayson-Bourque, D.S., Kennedy, G.W., Bickerton, G.S. (2010) Potential Controls on Uranium in New Production Wells Intercepting a Triassic Sandstone Aquifer, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Open File Illustration ME 2010-003, 2010, 1 page(s), 3 map(s). ISN: 22414

Kennedy, G.W., Garroway, K.G., Finlayson-Bourque, D.S. (2010) Estimation of Regional Groundwater Budgets in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Open File Illustration ME 2010-002, 2010, 1 page(s), 8 map(s). ISN: 22413

Ryan, R.J., O’Beirne-Ryan, A.M., Finlayson, D., Parsons, A., (2009) Mobility of Uranium and Radon associated with uranium roll front occurrences in the Horton Group of the Windsor area, Nova Scotia, Canada. in Mineral Resources Branch, Report of Activities 2009; Department of Natural Resources,  Report ME 2010-001, 2010, page(s) 162, 0 map(s). ISN: 22583

Finlayson, D.S., (2008) Potential for the presence of radon in water from weathered outcrops of uranium-bearing strata of southern Nova Scotia, BSc Honours Thesis, Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University.