Kiley Daley - Student

Supervisors: Dr. Rob Jamieson and Dr. Daniel Rainham

Research Interests: 
Water and sanitation related public health issues in rural, remote and Aboriginal communities.
Research Contributions:
Exposure and Human Health Risk Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Systems in Remote Arctic Communities (Proposed PhD).
A Qualitative Case Study of Relationships between Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Public Health in Coral Harbour, Nunavut (MES thesis - link)
Peer-reviewed Publications:

Daley, K., Jamieson R., Rainham, D., & Truelstrup-Hansen, L., (In Review). Wastewater treatment and public health in Arctic communities: Rational for a Microbial Risk Assessment Framework.


Daley, K., Castleden, H., Jamieson, R., Furgal, C., & Ell, L. (2015). Water systems, sanitation, and public health risks in remote communities: Inuit resident perspectives from the Canadian Arctic. Social Science & Medicine, 135: 124-135.


Daley, K., Castleden, H., Jamieson, R., Furgal, C., & Ell, L. (2014). Municipal water quantities and health in Nunavut households: an exploratory case study in Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 73: 23843.


Castleden, H., Daley, K., Sloan Morgan, V., & Sylvestre, P. (2013). Settlers unsettled: Using field schools and digital stories to transform geographies of ignorance about Indigenous peoples in Canada. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37(4): 487-499.