Lisbeth Truelstrup-Hansen - Faculty

Lisbeth originally came to Nova Scotia to “just” do a 2-year post doc at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Falling in love with the people and natural beauty of the province she stayed on to work on industrial contracts and research projects until she obtained a faculty position in November 2000. Her research interests remain anchored in applied microbiology and working with environmental and water related microbial issues seems a logical extension to her background in food microbiology.


1995-97 PDF Food Microbiology, Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS, Canada

1992-95 PhD Food Microbiology, Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark

1987-92 MSc Food Science, Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Research interests in the Environmental Microbiology area

Microbial source tracking of indicator organisms and pathogens in drinking water distribution and source water systems

We are investigating the transport of pathogens and evaluating the use of traditional and proposed host-specific markers of faecal contamination using molecular techniques.  The research team is multidisciplinary and consists of engineers and scientists working together.

Wastewater treatment and microbial activity in remote Nunavut communities.

As part of a larger multidisciplinary research team we investigate microbial aspects of current and proposed wastewater treatment methods used in remote Nunavut communities.  In particular, we research the role of prokaryotes in the removal of nitrogen (ammonia) from the wastewater. Another research focus is to determine pathogen removal from the wastewater before discharge into the receiving environment.


Undergraduate Courses:

ENVE 3251 Environmental and Industrial Microbiology

FOSC 3080 Food Microbiology

FOSC 4091 Food Safety and Biotechnology

Graduate Courses:

CIVL 6118 Advanced Wastewater Treatment (Co-taught with Drs. Walsh [Lead] and Jamieson)

FOSC 6334 Food Microbiology

FOSC 6338 Adv. Food Hygiene and Public Health

Recent Publications in the Field of Environmental Microbiology

Journal Articles

Piorkowski, G.S., R.C. Jamieson, G.S. Bezanson, L. Truelstrup Hansen and C.K. Yost.  2014. Reach-specific evidence for temporal shifts in sediment E. coli populations and factors affecting their contributions to the water column. Science of the Total Environment 496, 402-413.

Ridley, C.M., R.C. Jamieson, L. Truelstrup Hansen, C.K. Yost, and G.S. Bezanson. 2014. Baseline and storm event monitoring of Bacteroidales marker concentrations and enteric pathogen presence in a rural Canadian watershed. Water Research 60, 278-288. doi:10.1016/j.watres.2014.04.039

Piorkowski, G.S., G.S. Bezanson, R.C. Jamieson, L. Truelstrup Hansen and C.K. Yost. 2014. Effect of hillslope position and manure application rates on persistence of microbial source tracking indicators in a Canada Haplorthod. Journal of Environmental Quality 43, 450-458.

Piorkowski, G.S. R.C. Jamieson, G.S. Bezanson, L. Truelstrup Hansen and C.K. Yost. 2013. Evaluation of statistical models for predicting Escherichia coli particle attachment in fluvial systems. Water Research 47, 6701-6711.

Piorkowski, G.S., R.C. Jamieson, G.S. Bezanson, C.K. Yost and L. Truelstrup Hansen. 2013. Spatial variability in Escherichia coli concentration and strain composition in stream-bed sediments of an agricultural watershed. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186, 277-291. DOI 10.1007/s10661-013-3373-2.

Payne, S.J., M.C. Besner, J. Lavoie, C. Krentz, L. Truelstrup Hansen, M. Friedman, M.W. LeChevallier, M. Prevost and G.A. Gagnon. 2010. Investigating distribution system coliform events using MST and data integration. J. Water Supply Res.-AQUA 59, 387-399.

Friedman, M. A. Hanson, K. Dewis, G. Kirmeyer, M. LeChevallier, G. Gagnon, L. Truelstrup Hansen, C. Krentz, M. Mosher, S.J. Payne, J. Rosen, T. Hargy, J. Sabrinho, M-C. Besner and M. Prevost. 2009. Strategies to Manage and Respond to Total Coliforms and E. coli in Drinking Water Distribution Systems. Water Research Foundation, Denver, CO, USA 

Conference Papers

Huang, Y., C. Ragush, E. Stea, A. Jackson, J. Lywood, R.C. Jamieson and L. Truelstrup Hansen. 2014. Removal of human pathogens in waste stabilization ponds in Nunavut. CSCE 2014 13th International Environmental Specialty Conference. Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Press. 

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Stea, E.C., R.C. Jamieson and L. Truelstrup Hansen. 2013. Microbial dynamics: Microbial source tracking in two Nova Scotia watersheds. Can. Water Network Ann. Meet. March 18-20, Ottawa ON. Poster Presentation

C. Ridley, C. Yost, L. Truelstrup Hansen and R. J. Jamieson. 2011. Microbial source tracking within agricultural water sheds. Can. Water Network Ann. Meet. Feb. 28-March 3, Ottawa ON.